Monday, April 13, 2009

Pesach, Day 5: A Hunger for Israel

It's pretty hard to go hungry on Passover. But at this time of year, I find myself most hungry for all things Israel. So I allow my mouth to water over these Passover-friendly menus from restaurants in Jerusalem, found at

And Israelis scatter all over the country during Hol Hamoed to various festivals, most notably the granddaddy of them all, the Ein Gev music festival along the shores of the Kineret, in the north. Read all about it and see highlights of prior festivals at this YouTube site.

I've done one better. I'm listening to it live, right now, on Israel's Reshet Bet radio. You can access it here or here. The songs are classics from more innocent days, when the Galilee was young and a paradise was being forced out of the malaria-infested swamps. I had dinner at Ein Gev last summer, just across the lake from the blinking lights of Tiberias. It is one of Israel's most beautful spots.

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