Friday, October 30, 2009

Anti-Semitism is Down: Is that Good for the Jews?

Yes, a synagogue was attacked in LA yesterday (see Shooting at LA synagogue likely not a hate crime). But listen to this is good news, although, once the ADL has interpreted it, even a decline in anti-Semitism sounds really depressing. Surely there is work to be done, but is this good news? Judge for yourself.

From my perspective, if, in light of Goldstone, Madoff and a horrible economy, anti-Semitism is DOWN... that's VERY good news.

Poll: U.S. Anti-Semitic Attitudes Match Lowest Level Recorded

A nationwide survey of the American people released Thursday by ADL found that 12% of Americans hold anti-Semitic views, a decline from 15% in 2007 and matching the lowest figure ever recorded by ADL, in 1998. ADL national director Abraham Foxman said, "We can't dismiss that 12% of the American people means that there are still over 30 million Americans that hold anti-Semitic views." "The significant diminution of widespread prejudice against Jews is tempered by the manifestation of violence, conspiracy theories and insensitivities toward them."

"Some bad news remains a constant, such as 30% believing that American Jews are more loyal to Israel than to America, and 29% believing that Jews are responsible for the death of Christ. Equally of concern is that more than a quarter of African-Americans - 28% - hold anti-Semitic beliefs and more than a third of foreign-born Hispanics - 35% - have such attitudes." (Reuters)
See also 2009 Survey of American Attitudes toward Jews in America (Anti-Defamation League)

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Ethan Hammerman said...

Yay! Anti-semitism is dying.

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