Friday, October 2, 2009

What is Sukkot All About?

What is Sukkot all about? Part of the answer, taken from the “Guide to Jewish Religious Practice,” by Rabbi Isaac Klein, long considered the authoritative Conservative work on halacha. It can be read here.

Also check out How to build a sukkah; How to buy a lulav (palm branch) and etrog (citron); Themes & theology of sukkot, also at

And from the new Jewish site Tablet: Sukkot FAQ

And see from the blogosphere: Sukkot: Recipes for Celebrating Jewish Diversity (The Jew and the Carrot) -- from the Jewish Theological Seminary – features for all ages - a different view of Sukkot customs - traditional perspective, background on the Sukkah and the 4 species - What is an etrog, really? - Sukkot through the ages. Nice historical overview from WZO – indicating why Sukkot was known as the premier festival (simply known as THE festival) in ancient times.

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