Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Prayer for Haiti: What We Can Do

Here is a quick summary of what Jewish groups are doing for Haiti, from the website Repair the World ( :

The tragic earthquake that struck Haiti just two days ago has captured our attentions and left us aching for the ability to help. As the scope of the devastation becomes more clear, so does the urgent need for funds.

With our colleagues in the aid community and partners from the Jewish world, we have identified a number of legitimate, top-quality organizations that can take donations and ensure that they are put to the best possible use. These include:

Partners in Health, with a long history of working to provide medical services in Haiti

American Jewish World Service, provides grants and on-the-ground service around the world to alleviate hunger, poverty and disease

American Joint Distribution Committee, nearly 100 years of experience in emergency relief, both in the Jewish community and beyond

Yele Haiti, working on the ground before the latest tragedy to build capacity and raise awareness about Haiti

In addition, the Conservative movement has established dedicated funds to support the relief efforts.

At this stage, for most of us, donating money is the best way to help. That said, Partners in Health and the State Department have both said that there is an urgent need for skilled medical personnel, particularly surgeons, ER doctors and nurses, and full surgical teams. Please take a moment to think of those in your community who might have those vital skills, and pass the request along to them.

For the rest of us, please give - and if you're interested to hear about ways to volunteer when it becomes appropriate, please sign up to be contacted as those opportunities emerge.

The next days and weeks will be challenging for so many people. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers

A Prayer for Haiti: Solid Ground (Beliefnet)

By Holly Lebowitz Rossi, Current Events

May the earth that crumbled beneath feet and homes and schools once again become solid ground for walking and loving and learning.

May worried families and friends discover their loved ones safely spared waiting for them on solid ground.

May those who are trapped amid the rubble feel the solid power of love and healing that the world is sending their way.

May we who are so far away from the devastation find a way to share some of the solid ground of our full lives with those who have lost so much.

May the solid ground of this simple prayer become a foundation on which Haiti can rebuild.

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Suzanne said...

Thank you for this simple though eloquent prayer for Haiti.