Thursday, February 17, 2011

J Street Vows To Calibrate Tone Amid Criticism

See Jim Besser's Jewish Week profile on J-Street on the even of it's conference: J Street Vows To Calibrate Tone Amid Criticism. I'm quoted toward the end, reaping yet another "benefit" of the Dershowitz-Ben Ami "conversation." Some day we'll look back at that evening as a watershed moment. I'm just not sure yet whether it was a watershed for J-Street, for the angry, alienated generation that is fueling it, or for the stodgy establishment that so irrationally fears it. See also John Ruskay's Combating Delegitimization Requires A Big Tent, written as response to the demonization of the Manhattan JCC, of all places, for a recent film showing. Kudos to Ruskay for writing it. The much respected Reut Institute, led by Gidi Grinstein, recently published a report on delegitimization, which states: “Often Israel fails to differentiate between critics and delegitimizers and thus pushes the former into the arms of the latter.”

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