Wednesday, February 9, 2011

United Synagogue Turns Inward

The USCJ's new strategic vision was just unveiled in draft form. Our board heard about it last night directly from a USCJ rep. See United Synagogue Turns Inward from the Jewish Week for more details and see the plan itself at One feature of the new plan is to replace the word "congregation" with the Hebrew "Kehilla" - "Community." As I mentioned to or board last night, there are lots of things we can do to strengthen Conservative Judaism. But what will help most is what we can do best - be a role model of transformation, a magnet of energy and sanctity for all to see.

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Zusha said...

I think the best way to strengthen Conservative Judaism is by doing away with the nomenclature.

For instance, the strength of Temple Bethel Stamford is in the love of HaShem of its congregation, the fellowship between its members, the welcome provided to potential new members, and to the love and spirit shown by its rabbi and cantor. There is so much to focus on in these terms and so much to be gained from departing from the "politics" associated with being conservative, orthodox or reformed, etc., that I would love to see us describe ourselves by our attributes (how we are) instead of our label (who we are).