Thursday, February 3, 2011

Letter from Netanya: Israel on Edge

Jan Gaines reports to us from her listening post in Netanya on the nervousness in Israel as Egypt stands on the brink. What does it mean for Israel? We'll discuss at services this Shabbat morning.

Dear Friends,

How astounding that between my last letter and today, the world has changed for the Middle East and especially for Israel.

While Israeli's generally are just staying quiet and watching, once you bring up the subject , the fear and worry are just beneath the surface. Since Israel will be the first country affected if the Moslem Brotherhood and other Islamists take over the country.

We are balanced on a tightrope, hoping not to fall off.

Israel seems to be the only country asking, even begging the U.S. not to push Mubarak out so fast. Whether Obama et al understand the ramifications of what it means if Mubarak falls immediately, I'm not sure.

From the beginning it was obvious that ElBaradei was in bed with the Moslem Brotherhood. In fact, I believe that his return just 2 weeks before all this happened, was not an accident. And given the solid organization of the Moslem Brotherhood, it is not far-fetched to see them filling the vacuum.

All I can tell you is to please watch the news, especially Fox- - Yes Fox is the one channel that gets it right. If any of you plan to travel here in the next 6 months, don't change your plans. Nothing is going to happen before the fall I think, since elections are scheduled for Sept. in Egypt.

Maybe it will all turn out OK, if the very popular and strong Army prevails instead of the Moslem Brotherhood and other Islamists. So let's pray for that.

Shabbat Shalom, Jan

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