Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Here Comes the (Blessing of the) Sun

The Blessing of the Sun, Burkat Hachama is fast approaching - that once in 28 year opportunity to acknowledge the power and importance of the "Greater Light." Weather permitting, I'll be leading a special service - brief but powerful, on Wednesday, April 8, at the (NOTE TIME CHANGE) bright and early but not godforsaken hour of 7:00 AM, down at beautiful Cove Island Park. We'll meet at the totem pole. Just walk straight in, bearing left slightly, and head straight to the back.

This Shabbat morning, I'll be discussing some fascinating source material put together by the Conservative movement, as we prepare for the big event. You can also read this week's coverage in the Jewish Week: For Liberal Jews, Sunup On A Rare Ritual

David Solomon, a world-renowned teacher and Biblical scholar, explains the importance of Birkat Hachama (from a traditional / mystical perspective) in this video. For more information, and the rest of this series, visit Jinsider.net and http://www.inonehour.net/

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