Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Miracle Days: Special Purims in Jewish History

All too often, Jewish communities have faced catastrophe. Occasionally, miraculous interventions have enabled them to avert certain doom. Based on the Talmudic idea of saying blessings at places of small salvations, the custom arose for communities to celebrate anniversaries of Purim-like events. These became known as "Special Purims."

Pardon the Purim pun, but there are a lot of them.

The list below, which is just a partial list, comes from the online (but century-old) Jewish Encyclopedia. Take your pick.... and as you do, think of all the Purims that could not be celebrated - and the Purims yet-to-come. Our Jewish destiny seems to ride on the luck of the draw. How will the Purim of Teheran come out? The Purim of Gaza? The Purim of Madoff? Will we prevail, triumph or merely survive? We just keep on drawing those lots...

Purim of Abraham Danzig (called also Pulverpurim="Powder Purim"):
Purim of Ancona:
Purim of Angora:
Purim Borghel:
Purim di Buda.
Purim of Cairo:
Purim of Candia:
Purim of Chios (called also Purim de la Señora = "of the Good Lady"):
Purim de los Christianos (called also Purim de las Bombas):
Purim Edom (called also Purim al-Naāra):
Purim of Florence:
Purim di Fuoco.
Purim Fürhang (Curtain Purim):
Purim of Gumeldjina (popularly called Purim de los Ladrones = "Purim of Bandits"):
Purim of Jonathan b. Jacob of Fulda:
Purim of Lepanto:
Purim of Narbonne:
Purim of Padua:
Purim Povidl (Plum-Jam Purim):
Purim of Rhodes:
Purim of Saragossa:
Purim Sherif:
Purim of Shiraz (called also Purim of Mo'ed Ḳaṭan):
Purim of Tammuz at Algiers:
Purim of Tiberias:
Purim of Tripoli:
Purim of Widdin:
Purim Winz (called also Purim Frankfurt):
Purim of Yom-Ṭob Lipmann Heller:

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