Friday, March 13, 2009

This Week's G-dcast for Ki Tissa

You probably remember that awkward little moment the Children of Israel had with the Golden Calf way back in Sinai Time...but did you know what the Calf was made of? Or why Aaron built it?

Really really? Or just Ten Commandments really?

Turns out that calf was made of bazillions of melted down earrings of all things! The people were really excited about making a replacement for their leader Moses who was up on top of a they ripped off their jewelry and got to work.

Tune in to this week's G-dcast for a lesson in how seeing is believing. In just four minutes, you'll learn about what the people saw in their shiny bovine friend. Welcome to Parshat Ki Tisa, brought to you by Washington D.C.'s Sarah Gershman.

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