Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Once in 28 Year Celebration

Here, courtesy of Hazon, are some explanatory materials regarding a Jewish ceremony done only once every 28 years! Join me at Cove Island on Wed. April 8 at sunrise, 5:15 AM, to welcome the sun's return to the exact spot where it was at the time of its creation (according to tradition). We'll meet by the totem pole (why not) to share some readings and prayers about the significance of the sun. Here is Hazon's take:

We hope you’ll find meaningful ways to celebrate and to learn about the positive role the sun plays in our lives (all life depends upon it!) and about its power as a healthy, renewable energy source. For many, the notion of solving an entire global crisis can be overwhelming. That’s why the second-century sage Rabbi Tarfon teaches in Pirke Avot, “It is not your obligation to complete the task (of perfecting the world); neither are you free to desist from it.”

On their resources page Hazon offers suggested materials for education, ideas for action, tools for advocacy, competitions - as well as ways you can bring a celebration of Birkat HaChamah to your family. Here are some Study and Learn Resources and Articles and Dvar Torah Resources.

Here are some other ideas from Hazon (aside from joining me at 5:15):

  1. Greet the new day with yoga Sun Salute postures.

  2. Symbolically burn chametz using the concentrated light of the sun.
    Construct a solar cooker and enjoy a recipe made prior to April 8 or host a solar cooker cook-off. Click here for do-it-yourself solar cooker instructions; more about solar cooking and healthy solar recipes.

  3. Bake matzoh in your solar cooker prior to April 8 to serve at your seder.

  4. Send in a solar cooker recipe to The Jew & The Carrot Solar Cooker Recipe Raffle and be entered into our raffle. You could win the recently released The Jew & The Carrot - Recipes cookbook with recipes from our blog or Hazon’s Food for Thought. Send your recipe along with your name and contact information to
    Register for the 2009 Hazon Food Conference with the discount code “sunny” and receive $50 off.

  5. Take a sunrise bike ride. Learn more about Hazon’s Jewish Environmental Bike Rides in New York and Israel to support innovative environmental projects including our work in the new Jewish Food Movement. Use the discount code “sunny” and receive $50 off our Rides. Decorate your bike with sun decorations, take a picture and we’ll post it on our site!

  6. Plant sunflowers in your garden!

Here Comes the Sun!

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